Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using MMNTM.ROCKS, we are happy to have you on board. We also want to congratulate you for having chosen MMNTM.ROCKS, a network that doesn't sell you out! We don't sell your data and try our very best to protect it.

Still, we want to urge you to be mindful of possible third party threats, not everybody in this world is as cool as you or me. Pretty much everything can be hacked, we still urge you to be careful but assure you that at least on our end your privacy is respected.

FREEDOM OF OPINION, EXPRESSION AND CREATION are our core aim and by using MMNTM.ROCKS you are supporting our mission - thank you!

Use MMNTM.ROCKS to connect with the world, to exchange idaes and to promote your business. Communicate, enjoy and keep an open mind!

In a few days we will add our terms and conditions here - in the required legal mumbojumbo - and appreciate your patience until then!