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We don't sell your data, and try to keep them safe. Since pretty much everything can be hacked, we still urge you to be careful but assure you that at least on our end your privacy is respected. FREEDOM OF OPINION, EXPRESSION AND CREATION are our core aim and we are proud to have you on board!

MMNTM.ROCKS doesn't believe in censorship but freedom. Freedom requires discipline, responsibility and self reliance. You are liable for your own actions, words and thoughts. You have a right to your own opinion, and you should be smart enough to base your opinions on knowledge and sound information, on logic, deduction and farsight. MMNTM.ROCKS wishes to help to broaden knowledge and give access to information, sound arguments and well thought propositions. 

However, there are always those who take advantage of other people's good intentions. Those who willfully lie, cheat, misinform and simply lack the ability to understand why ethical values are a crucial component of progress and prosperity. MMNTM.ROCKS is a privately owned business, has the right to kick out the bad apples and does make use of that right. Freedom is not defended by letting evil spread! 

MMNTM.ROCKS because YOU ROCK! You make MMNTM.ROCKS fun, interesting, and recourceful - thank you for ROCKING MMNTM.ROCKS!